• Level Design: world building, BSP, lighting, AI pathing, event triggers, scripting, laying meshes, terrain, texturing, optimization, visual scripting
  • Engines: UDK (Gears of War, UT3, UDK), Creation Kit (Skyrim), Source Engine (Hammer, Half-Life 2), Galaxy Editor (Starcraft 2)
  • Additional Skills: 3DS Max, C#, LUA, Papyrus, Kismet, design documentation, agile scrum, leadership experience, technical/creative writing


  • BioWare: Associate Designer (Contract)Star Wars: the Old Republic (MMO)
  • November 2014 – November 2015
    • • Scripted the Monolithic quest on Ziost (patch 3.2), worked on several planets for leveling experience
      revamp (4.0), scripted the shield bunker end-game content for six planets (4.0)
    • • Designed, implemented, and adjusted dozens of quests throughout the game
    • • Responsible for scripting, spawning, pathing, mini-boss abilities, and bug fixing
    • • Worked with other designers and artists to resolve various scripting and pathing issues


  • Lead Level DesignerHymn of the Sands (isometric dungeon crawler)
  • June – December 2013 (~5.5 Months)
    • • Worked on a team of 14, serving as Lead Level Designer with four other designers
    • • Created overall vision of game and core design mechanics
    • • Participated in design discussions, involved in daily scrum, divided up tasks between various designers and worked closely with them
    • • Responsible for geometry, level layout, lighting, scripting, testing and balancing for three major sections of the game
    • • Implemented unique gameplay elements for each level
  • Lead Level DesignerRoboBall (capture the flag FPS)
  • February – May 2013 (~3.5 Months)
    • • Worked on a team of nine, serving as Lead Level Designer with three other designers
    • • Created all particles for the game
    • • Participated in design discussions, involved in daily scrum, divided up tasks between various designers and worked closely with them
    • • Cluttered entire level, made several lighting passes, tested and balanced key gameplay elements


  • SpectreStarCraft 2 – Galaxy Editor
  • January – May 2014 (~3.5 Months)
    • • Made a third-person action/RPG set within the StarCraft universe
    • • Designed and implemented five player abilities
    • • Scripted three boss fights
    • • Did gameplay balancing, added a simplified interface for handling player inventory
  • Solemn RemembranceSkyrim – Creation Kit
  • October – December 2013 (~2.5 Months)
    • • Created two fully functional main quests, as well as a side-quest
    • • Constructed three interiors, including a dungeon with 15 minutes of gameplay
    • • Wrote all dialogue, scripted a boss fight
    • • Added new weapons and a new spell for the player
  • Agent ZetaGears of War – UDK
  • May – July 2013 (~2 Months)
    • • Imported assets and constructed materials from UT3 to give a unique, sci-fi look to a Gears of War level
    • • Created a branching story with several dialogue options and four different endings
    • • Scripted three unique puzzles, including a memory game and laser obstacle course
  • Of Mice and FreemanHalf-Life 2 – Hammer SDK
  • September – October 2013 (~1.5 Months)
    • • Made a gravity-gun only level that focused on using the environment to overcome enemies/obstacles
    • • Scripted a plug-puzzle with visual and audio cues to aid the player
    • • Created an electrocution mechanic


    • • Have used several source control/file management software, such as VSS and Perforce
    • • Worked as a technical writer for Molina Medicaid Solutions between August 2007 – 2012, maintaining large electronic documentation libraries as well as writing software documentation for clients
    • • Developed excellent people skills and the ability to work under high-stress environments from projects at the Guildhall
    • • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written


The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Plano, TX

Graduation Certificate in Level Design (May 2014)

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

B.A., English – Creative Writing (Dec. 2004)