Contact/ About Me

Hi there, and thank you for visiting my site. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and love games of all kinds. I grew up on the Fallout series, Starcraft, Final Fantasies, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and Diablo. I enjoy playing League of Legends with my friends and yelling at them sometimes (in a nice way). 

I’m currently working at BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic. I had a lot of fun making content for the previous patch, and I can’t wait to see what people think of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

I believe that putting the player first, creating environments that are visually stunning and gameplay that constantly engages the player are the best ways to make games. I love problem-solving and finding solutions to technical problems, and brainstorming to excite and inspire those around me. I like to listen to everyone to make sure no good idea gets left behind. 

I have a background in English – Creative Writing. My favorite author is Dostoevsky. I love film, philosophy, and read and write fiction in my spare time. For a few years, I seriously considered becoming a writer, particularly for the game industry. I think games can have a narrative on level with some of the best films, and we are just beginning to see that come out with games like the Last of Us and Portal 2. 

I have some writing samples if you would like to read some of the stuff I’ve made.

Short story: The Regular

Intro to Hymn of the Sands (Team Game in UDK)

Text from Solemn Remembrance (Skyrim Mod)


Feel free to send me an email at for any questions! Thanks!